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AnnieC said: I would have loved to see something... that I wasn't expecting to see.
What about Krim's revelation that dead elves do more than "going back" to the Palace? Mender's total nonchalance at blasting humans was a bit of a shock to me too, and Ember's "you don't know Mender" comment and Sonny's creepy coloring of him hints that there are going to be implications (or consequences of this). What about learning that Ember is so serious about keeping to the Way that she's told Sunstream not to come to her rescue? That's a big revelation. What about learning Ember's soulname? Sure, most of us expected that Krim would die and that Ember and Teir were going to Recognize -- but it's the HOW of it, and the expert storytelling and art that are the delicious part of it. I mean, we all expected and predicted that the elves would win the war with the trolls and reach the Palace in the Original Quest too, but that didn't take away from my enjoyment when I read it.