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I'm probably gonna repeat a lot of what was already said. :D That death scene. < 3 Oh man. I'm so glad Pike at least got to be with her. And he cries, but smiles, and she's obviously very satisfied with her death, and she dedicates her sword to Sust, and it's perfect and a sweet moment...and then she reveals that there's MORE to go-back to. WHAT. And then Lehrigen crawls in, and that is ALSO perfect, and hilarious, and everything Tavie said about it. And then Ember and Teir Recognize. WHAT. Come on, Recognition, they're IN BATTLE, could you wait a hot second? My favorite part about it was Mender getting all mad about it and telling them to wake up. *grins* I think Ember's soul name fits her pretty damn well, but there's a player in my holt (Oakleaf) who plays a male named Zeel, so I kind of died of amusement. And we're back in the holt, and you get to see this bittersweet moment between Pike and Sust. Sust is SO PROUD to have his mother's sword, and Pike is absolutely right, of COURSE Krim and Skot are arguing about who had the more glorious death. And then he mentions the "more than the Palace" thing again, and I am so excited to find out more about that! And now, Mender epitomizes the demon that humans are afraid of. Oh. It was glorious. :D I loved him in all that blue night shading, and those yellow, glowing eyes. <3 YESSSSSS. And he looks so happy over Lodok's body... *evil laughter* And then...Ember hands herself over to the Djun. WHAT. Baffled. I guess they needed more than just a distraction, to give Khorbasi the time to get the orphans, and for them to escape...not as nimble in trees as elves. But I'm still like...what's Ember planning here? What's she trying to find out? Though I'm not really sure she's planning ANYTHING...that's the downside of zeal, stubborn determination. Then Teir gets more dramatic again, but I feel like it's a little more justified in this case, when in Issue #1, it was just annoying. ;) Again, Mender becomes the voice of reason, and Scouter grows a heart. I think Mender healing that burned child got me more than anything, initially. Because I expected everything else. So sweet, especially after Demon!Mender. And then it ends perfectly, with the Cutter/Leetah/Skywise/Sunstream cameo, and Krim and Lehrigen dead under the cart. Shuyi laying there made me want to rip my heart out. Poor boy. So yeah. Sorry for the livestream reactions. This issue was everything I wanted, leaps and bounds better than Issue #1. :D And now, the 63-day wait for Issue #3.