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@Mkal I'll be glad to be wrong :D right now, I don't see the need to kill Krim too. But it's just an impression that I have now. Maybe I'll get to see the sense in the next issues. @Thornbrake: Well, those you quote are interesting nuances, but it to me they don't change the fact that the only thing that happened is something I was totally expecting and hence I was pretty... bored, you know. Nothing unexpected, nothing.. nothing. A lil bit too much a flat reading for me. Of course there are interesting nuances. Of course there are interesting hints of character developement. Unfortunately, that doesn't make up for what is lacking (more events and unexpected). I am still hopeful next number will make it up for this one :) And there is a big difference from the finale of OQ and this. Of course we all knew that there would be a happy ending. YET, I was NEVER, NEVER able to tell exactly "Okay, in this issue these facts are gonna happen", naming them precisely to find out that I was right. It was a surprise at every turning of page. Here... the fact that everything I expected to happen did happen annoyed me. Where's the surprise? :P One thing is being able to predict how a certain arch is gonna end, another thing is being able to predict every single event that's gonna happen (who dies, who recognizes, what happens here and there and there).