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... woah. Second what everyone's been saying about Mender - nothing we didn't know from before, but I don't recall ever seeing him quite so cold-blooded in a fight. Even in Shards, he let his temper fly away with him. But now? The eerie calm, the ultra-fast reflexes, together with that utter disregard for his opponents, because he knows he's ultimately superior. If Angrif had paid more attention to what went around him (am I the only one who found the "a small heart - let's shrink it smaller" line disturbingly similar to something Winnowill may have said?), he'd be more wary of wanting Mender around - Ember or no Ember. But that's the thing about Angrif - he doesn't second-guess, he thinks everything will work out his way. And I have the feeling this reasoning will ultimately bring him down as it did his father's. Also... his younger's son expression when Angrif adresses Ember makes me wonder if there might not be another Gifa in the Djun's heritage? Maybe he's just afraid he'll be killed as easily as his brother, but either way, now that thing have turned deadly serious, he doesn't seem all that eager to play by his father's rules any more. I think that one might reserve some surprises down the road (not entirely out of the blue when you consider Angrif killed his father and sister). Krim and Lehrigen's last moments - awww! I really feel bad for Shuy, though. It's not very clear from the panel... was he injured and laid down to die with his master? Or is he just mourning Lehrigen and might cross paths with the Wolfrider again - like Warfrost? Teir is so totally out of his element having to lead the tribe. Good thing Scouter seems to be backing him up. He'll need all possible support from the elders of his tribe, especially as the distance between him and Ember grows. Will they still be able to send to each other through the bond of Recognition, like Sunstream and Brill did - or was that only due to Sunstream's phenomenal sending range? If even that tenuous contact with Ember breaks - I can't really imagine how much Teir will resist before he ultimately breaks down. From the look on his face when he leads the tribe away, you can pretty much say he's wholly, completely at a loss. Going back...? A hint? A red herring? Hmmm... *ponders ponders* I'm really curious to see where it goes with next issue - and can't wait to see the cover for #4. Yep, I'm a greedy gut, right? All in all though, I liked this issue. #1 was pretty much a recap, but now the story is really moving along and although the pace is not that fast yet, we know it'll be a long tale to spin, so I'm content to sit and wait. Even though I'm dying to see the WaveDancers again and it doesn't seem like we will... not in next ish at least... #4 maybe? Wendy! I need my WaveDancers fix!