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Joellyn_Auklandus said: I really like the Scouter/Teir team. Scouter as second makes so much sense -- he's been through Recognition, he's led the tribe before (albeit in less than ideal circumstances), and he's a very solid character. There's a little feel of Treestump in there as wiser elder (though we don 't know how old Teir is, it's clear that Scouter has him beaten by a few centuries). How do folks feel he's going to mentor Teir?
Not only has he been through recognition himself, but he's been through it both good and bad. He dealt with Dewshine's recognition so well. I am wondering a bit on how is going to do. We obviously didn't get to see his growth and change as much over the years, but I am sure that what has gone in the past has been forgotten. I am hoping he is able to be firm hand with Teir, but at the same time help him deal with the obvious struggles of recognition denied. Making sure Teir keeps a clear head isn't going to be the easiest task.