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efc628e2d9872784dbf02ed53e504e60 I was 12 at the time and was working on making a sci-fi home movie with my friends down the street. This was during the heyday of the Dungeons and Dragons RPG phenomenon. It was Thanksgiving of 1982 and my sister had left her copy of Journey to Sorrow's End in the living room and I picked it up and started reading it. I really did not think much about it being more than just another book that my older sister was reading and would be really pissed at finding I had 'gotten a hold of it', just like the many other books of hers I had read. I turned 13 at Christmastime and my folks divorced the following Spring. I went to live with my father in another state and I took some of my sister's novels, including Journey to Sorrow's End with me. Since I was alone, the whole movie idea was squashed and I started to write the story, instead. I liked how JtSE had included illustrations within the story, so I attempted to adding drawings with the story. Being 13, I had the attention span of a flea, and while I had put my story on hold, I was still involved in the D&D and new Gamma World RPG gaming sets. I was captivated by the stories and art in the dungeon companions. It was while I was at a Waldenbooks looking through new dungeon modules, that I turned around and stumbled across a new section called "Graphic Novels". This was at eye level... 923295 I opened the pages and the aroma of the ink wafted from the pages. I stood there transfixed over the art before me. I sank down to the floor in that dark corner and read not only that book from front to back, but the other two volumes beside it. I frantically dug into my pockets to see if I had money enough to buy them. I only had enough for one and volume 3 was the winner in 'eeny-meeny-miney-mo". I strode up to the checkout and laid my money on the counter and went home and saved money for the previous volumes. It was while I was visiting my mother during the Summer that a friend who knew about Elfquest told me that issue 16 was out. I was then introduced to the real Elfquest; the over-sized, black and white quarterly issues. As I look back, I cannot believe that it was in under a year from when I was first introduced to the World of Two Moons. While I waited between issues, I took it upon myself to collect all the original black and white issues and anything associated with the Wolfriders. While I was secreted away in my own room, the idea of telling my story evolved. I studied Wendy's style and began to really look at the world around me. I remember making a pastel drawing of Leetah and it winning in a comic convention contest. One of the things that I can say about being introduced to Elfquest is that it happened at a time that was very emotional for me. I had a place to escape to and the art and story inspired me far more than anything or anyone else could have during that time.