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WAVEDANCERS!!! oo... so we'll get to see flashbacks tying back to Turning Tide's era? *jumps excitedly up and down* Hmm, to the light of this cover... I wonder if the Djuns ain't a descendant of Ardan Djarum? 'cause the gun definitely rings a bell. Though I wonder to what degree... Ardan Djarum's son died... and he made it sound like it was his only son. But he could have had female daughters that he considered to be of lesser worth, like the Djun with Gifa? That'd also set the NWD stories way back in time... It also means we could get to see some WaveDancers from the past! Stormsong... Haze and Farbright.... Coral... And I'm also wondering if the wave thing with Teir is metaphoric... or if the WaveDancers are going to play a part in the present as well? Maybe it'll take the combined powers of Leetah, Snakeskin and Skimback to refrain him... and Mender... from doing something foolish. Kinda worried about the rocks... don't they look like wolves howling? If Angrif killed Ember, that'd explain the storm waves raging around Teir... *shudders to think* and the WaveDancers could perceive the loss through Sunstream's soul bond with Brill and Korafay... I'm hazarding a guess that Angrif somehow finds out that "Recognized lifemates are linked", and shoots Ember so that Teir can perceive the injury and lead the tribe (and Mender) to him. I very much pray I'm wrong...