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Not that I feel like I have much to say, but one of the issues is that our local comic shop (yes, one, and they can barely be called that) wont stock ElfQuest, orders it only on request, and it takes a month or more after you request it for it to come in. Found all this out with the prologue last year. I would rather order it direct but I didnt even know until reading this discussion who was printing it. I have been away from comics so long I have gotten lost. Funny thing, I was about to head in to town to take my son into the conic shop to get his first comic book and I have no idea if there will even be anything he can have.... Anyway, I was also under the assumption that comic producers were swamped with letters, both real and electronic, and had to wade through them all to find the few "lucky" submissions that were written well enough to publish. Once I catch up on the series I may have to write one. (Pssst, hey Red, go ahead and write! :D )