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Tamarien ChangeStone

Yip-pee ! Okay; now we are cooking. Thank you, thank you. (and) Thank Goodness for detail orientated people. @JEEDAI Duh . . I should have just gone to You from the beginning. (Knowing that you have a corner on the Preserver market from all your forum information). @MrsGRIZZLEY Regarding the preserver feet; I would guess the older Cutter and Petalwing picture is an outline from around the same time as the First story of Olbar the Mountain Tall's daughter-early eighties. They all looked very different in the beginning. @TROLLBABE Huh! Makes me wonder if they really do wrap like a spider; over and around, over and around again- or- just one layer. For that matter how does a spider produce miles of webbing ? Nature is magical! @RICHARD Thanx for the incite. I now Know that the Preservers are a variable height of between nine and ten inches. Top drawer ! Wish I could have known in 1990 when I first tried a lost-wax 3D bronze sculpt. When I try again it will not be in metal for sure - way to heavy ! That grid is way to Cool JEEDAI. Much better than a ruler. I would have never thought to use the computer that way. (I am very new to computers - haven't even logged a hundred hours ON yet !) Blessings ! Thank you fellow fans !