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Added that, and fixed the URL, Trollbabe! :) @Nightsea

Nightsea the character played at a Star Trek Mirror Universe + Elfquest Crossover "Holt" online called the ISS Ghidorah. It is still online and you'd have to contact the UK owner to see if he's open to new members or if this is defunct. Mostly it hasn't had new activity in some years, just fair warning.
Lack of activity in over a year has tended to make me put a group in a category other than "Active Holts". Looking at the linked website for "ISS Ghidorah", the front page of the website says "last updated 14th February 2002"… which also really makes it look like it's not active any longer.
I made my character Softfeather to go into a holt that was mostly offline, but has a website here: http://www.angelfire.com/on2/TwoMoons/Opener.html
Looking into it -- I have this group on the full list (found at EQFA.com from the link at the top) in the "On Hiatus" category, listed under "Shadow Vale". I don't remember right now exactly why I put the group there, but generally, I didn't do that unless I was able to find something that said they were on hiatus, or unless someone told me they knew that it was.
There's a nice list still of holts here: http://www.afkevanherpt.nl/frozenrain/holts/index.html and any general websearch or Yahoo Groups search will show searchers lots more holts!
Yes, back when I started this project, I used that page of Afke's as a starting point! But as the page says -- she has not updated it since 2008, so it's really no longer a good list if you are trying to find out which holts are still active. Pretty much every group on that list is somewhere on my list as well, in the category that seems to best represent it (Active, Inactive, on hiatus, missing, etc.)