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I have reason to buy the "floppies" because ... - I want to read TFQ now! - the little extras and background stories are a bonus. - nobody can GRANT me that there will be a graphic novel sooner or later. (Last not least I understand the connection between economical success of the original release and possible reprints. Does not mean that I need this "reasonable" approach ... EQ holds me captive since the first encounter.) I prefer paper editions so I'm lucky to have a well-sorted comic shop nearby (= next bigger town). No need to deal with credit card and shipping costs. They have a preorder and reserve two issues for me - one is mine, one is a gift for my goddaughter. I feel with everyone who actually cannot afford or manage to buy the single issues for one reason or the other. It's difficult for me to understand the ones who boldly state their "clever plan" of waiting for collected editions due to costs. It seems easier to spend a small amount every two months than a noteworthy price for a (polished) graphic novel. Though ... I wonder how many there are in comparison to those fans who simply buy their (paper or digital) copy and stay silent and happy with it. btw: I'm looking forward to GET a graphic novel at some point! :)