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Since making my last assertion, I've been conducting research on factors leading to the established price. Again, I believe this is reasonable for a publication that doesn't come out once a week, and isn't thrown in recycling after it's read. What I found was shocking... Speaking under conditions of anonymity, three trolls in three different departments have told me they don't get paid when they don't appear in an issue. The trolls in that one panel, at the end of the prologue, were paid for their full-body appearances. But the trolls that Ahdri seals back into the wall got no compensation, because only their fingertips were visible. While satisfied with his compensation, Teir complains that he had to hold one pose for six hours without a bathroom break. When Kimo asked for restroom accomodations, he was told to "turn yourself into a dog and go take a whiz." Ruffel posed for her flower-dancing sequence in the dead of winter. She said Elfpop wouldn't turn up the heat, or provide a space heater. As a result, she caught a terrible cold and was unable to work for four days. Leetah's contract forbade her to do anything about it, and Ruffel received no sick pay. To add insult to injury, WaRP resolved her absense by abruptly writing her out of the script. Moonshade claims they wrote out Ruffel as a warning to Skywise, who was starting to talk about organizing. Sorry to say that SAG's policy is to only admit humans. Ember reports being extremely uncomfortable, when tied into a human-sized chair for a whole day's work. She wasn't allowed to leave while the rest of the room was being drawn. The cubs playing young Chitter and Korafey were both paid under the table, in violation of child labor laws. Elves with magic powers get paid extra for using them, but none of the elves get hazard pay. Wolfriders were advised that they hunt at their own risk. No independent organization monitors the treatment of animals. The list goes on...