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Random thoughts, while straining to put on my serious tone: I worked in printing for eighteen years, and retail for ten. I started in printing back when one of my boss' trade magazines had an article about the big letterpress outfit that handled Marvel, DC and Archie - have you kiddies ever heard of letterpress? Printing prices were just starting to go up, as were postage and oil. I won't go in to all of the rising prices that have boosted the cost of comics. One is petroleum, which is used to make ink, and to fuel anything that moves goods. Another is paper pulp. A third is labor, from the pre-press department to the cashier. I will say the quality of comic print and paper has really improved, since the time when comics were meant to be read and thrown out. Aside from Elfquest, I buy Sergio Aragones' "Funnies" from Bongo Comics, and they are the same $3.50 American cover price. Bongo licenses the "Simpsons" comics, so they probably have a big enough distribution to hold down their price per issue. I still don't understand why anyone would think $3.50 is high, unless they were using 1990s Elfquest cover prices as a reference.