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RichardPini said: But the truth we discovered during this grand experiment was that no matter how much someone else loves Elfquest, there's a rock-bottom, DNA-level understanding of the way things work that no one but the original creators can grasp. Which is how you, gentle readers, come up with the questions about canon versus non-canon, this author's story versus that author's story, that you ask.
Well, I was initially bothered by the changes. I saw them as inconsistencies, rather than as deliberate changes. Since then I've come to realize and appreciate that you're weaving different threads together in a new way. I enjoy this aspect of Final Quest, too. But, even so, as a fan, I make some guesses, mostly to myself, as to what threads make it in to Final Quest, and what might change. It's fun guessing what comes next and mixing it up with what I understand of the other stories. I like many of the other stories, too, including Wild Hunt, even though the timeline is inconsistent between it and Final Quest. I also liked many of the worldpool stories. So, you know, I can see your point and agree that it's fine to enjoy the older stories, even if they're not canon after all, or if there are some inconsistencies in the details. But, I'm still going to notice the differences. :)