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RichardPini said: Here's the deal. What Clearbrook said, back when, was that she had an instinct that she was done with having cubs. Where did that notion come from? There are two possible sources. The first, as some have speculated, is psychological. Unlike all other elves on the World of Two Moons, the Wolfriders are mortal (even if they can be long lived). And, like we humans who also age, and who feel the emotional effects of the process, a mortal elf can come to a point in his or her lifespan where living simply isn't about children any more.

The second possible source is physiological. Again, it connects to aging. Recognition, if you remember, is an impulse that happens when two elves telepathically and subconsciously "understand" each other's genetics, and are driven to realize (again, not consciously at first) the need to create a new life that combines the best traits of both parents. It's got nothing to do with love or maternal/paternal instinct. So if, deep down on the genetic level, an elf "knows" she is past the age where she is able to be a good parent, that may turn down the volume on the brain's Recognition signal.

Having said all that, the question remains, is Clearbrook finished with cubs? Who knows? She's an elder, yes. So she may have made peace (emotionally) with an end to motherhood, and that could filter down to calm her her Recognition reptile (remember those metaphorical beasties?). On the other hand, she's still a very lively and vital elf, and it's not impossible that there's yet a genetic match out there that would trump the other considerations of age or temperament.
I love replies like these - meaty and insightful and FROM THE SOURCE. There should be a way to "pin" posts like this from Elfpop so everyone can see them more easily. (Note I said posts "LIKE THIS". His wicked two-sentence tease posts and awful puns can stay buried in threads, I say. ;))