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@Crucent, that's unfortunate. There are plenty of threads here that aren't spoilery. We will miss you if disappear! With that said, Wendy herself has some good perspective on your conundrum (as posted on her Facebook page): "Over time I've noticed a number of you saying you can't afford to buy Elfquest - the Final Quest comics ($3.50 US currency) and you're waiting for the graphic novel collections to come out from Dark Horse Comics. Seriously? For less than the price of a burger and fries you can't afford to buy a comic book? Look at it this way. If sales of the individual comics are low because everybody's waiting for the graphic novels - there won't BE any graphic novels because there will be no economic motivation to publish them. I'm not saying that's how things currently are - but it COULD happen, over time, if enough of you ignore the "floppies" (which have cool extras and goodies just to make them more appealing). To get more Elfquest collections and merch there has to be ground level support of Elfquest comics as they come out (this includes the digital versions available to you on different apps). We're doing our part. But YOU have a part to play, too. Visit the Dark Horse Comics web site often and keep up with all they're doing for you now! http://www.darkhorse.com/Search/elfquest"