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I guess this is one of the reasons I don't really buy the theory I've seen around here that Rain's lifemate was Clearbrook's daughter, and that Shale was their son as well. Why can't Rain's lifemates (I believe he had two, at the same time, you know me, I like three-matings. ;) ) have been completely different people, while Shale was the son of yet another unknown couple? Another one is the Moonshade might be the daughter of Mantricker because Mantricker was a lovemate of Moonshade's (supposed) mother, Brightwater. Isn't Bearclaw stated to be significantly older than the rest of the Wolfriders during 'Wolfrider', to the point where he's the only one who remembers the time of Mantricker*? Even if Brightwater was pregnant with Moonshade by the time of Mantricker's death it still wouldn't fit as several of the other elders are older than Moonshade. *Of course this doesn't fit with the Longreach/branch lived through the times of several chiefs statement. On the other hand; I want there to be random descendants of Dart running around in the Palace. After all; they'd be descendants of Woodlock and Rainsong as well. Recognition is basically in their genes.