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And beyond that-- I'm just assuming Skywise has read the Scroll of Colors which basically says that old world is dead. Why would he think it's a smart idea to go back to a dead world that his ancestors left billions of years ago?
I'm on my tablet, so I can't check the online comics, but isn't that what the cone heads did? Return and try to restore the planet? Then, when they realized it wasn't possible, took the insect and monkeys with them? I guess he'd figure it might still be a possibility. I also think it's kind of silly to refer to the planet as dying. The sun could be dying, but the planets conditions are just changing so it's no longer habitable to lifeforms we know of. But the concept of returning and restoring habitable conditions is a theme that's crossed Wendy's mind. Just look at that one movie storyboard. I'm with Luna in not wanting the lodestone to be part of the home world. Sometimes a meteorite is just a meteorite.