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happy father's day elfpop!! want an ice cream cake from baskinrobins in the shape of a beer mug? or better yet, a mug of dreamberry wine!*will make a note for next year though* anyway, figured i'd put my two cents in. pointing out about the world the high ones came from...in the original quest, Timmain calls it "lifeless" and that it bore young..perhaps the elves could go to a descendant planet of their original world? Timmain also says that when the original high ones came back to their world, they awoke their magic and "Eased the aging land through the last of its life" which i take to mean...when they left, it was dying and quite on the edge of death, like a person who is lying on their deathbed. they are not dead yet, but they are dying and close to the end(sorry for the morbidity!) also in the scroll, when Timmain continues her tale on page 26, we see the elves and what seems to be a big sun shape...oblong. perhaps a testament to how old their sun is? so yeah..my thoughts, if they even make any sense...XD though a part of me does kind of like the idea...oh what, what if that is what the lodestone is? a "young" of the original planet, that crashed on Abode, or possibly was carried by the high ones as another reminder of their planet? also, in "How shall i keep from singing?", Timmain states that their sun was dying. generally when suns die, that's it for any life bearing planets...even if the sun doesn't destroy the planet, it's just not warm enough anymore for life.