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we have worked out a rather fun storyline together! the details of which shall be discovered when Vaeri is introduced...also i'd like the extend the offer, as i did to steve, that if anyone would like help hammering out a storyline idea, i work as a roleplay mod and admin on two different sites. not to say you guys probably arn't creative enough to come up with your own! but just extending the offer so ya'll know it's there cause i know sometimes, a certain little detail can elude and taunt you.^^ also, i hope you don't mind me posting this here, but i have a newly drawn picture of Vaeri, so everyone knows what she looks like! this will be her beginning outfit, until she can work leather or someone gives her some, which i will draw next. that is a question i'd like to ask, is anyone in this tribe a leather worker, or has some idea of how it works so they could tell her?