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RedheadEmber said: One thing I love is how the elves
1: Swear by someone/thing that has meaning to them.
2: Seems to be a lot more imaginative than us boring humans when it comes to various oaths.
Consider this: Where (in broad terms) do most human curses derive from? Three categories: Religion, excrement, and sex. The elves, however, do not subscribe to any religion, so there are no "gods" to "damn" anyone. Poo and pee? Just ask any dog; those are not bad things at all - they are ID cards! And as far as sex goes, anyone who reads Elfquest knows full well that there's nothing bad about any of that! Now, for every convention there are exceptions, so before someone jumps up with "Wait a just a fish-poking minute!" yes, there are elfin curses and oaths that seem to contradict. Context counts for a lot. "Misbegotten offspring of a lame zwoot and a desperate troll" does technically involve sex. When Kahvi jeers at Cutter, "Dung! Dung twice!" it's not that she necessarily sees excrement as a bad thing, rather that at that moment she wishes for a pile of it large enough to push Cutter's head into. It's a fine distinction but we're sticking to it, by Timmorn's pallid pink puppy poker! ;)