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SPOILERS... and thoughts: edit in: The thing about the Djun's bastard son creating imagined legitimacy for himself by pretending to be from the future is pretty inspired! That was a super clever way to resolve a time-line conflict. Kudos to Wendy for sharp thinking! Curious- If Serrin is a half Wolfrider, how is she still alive? I like that it's possible for recognized mates to drift apart once the urge fades. That seems similar to real life. I wonder if Moonshade's change of heart was influenced by her proximity to the Palace? Especially given her comments here to Windkin. I'm a little disappointed that the humans weren't able to figure out gunpowder, and needed Two Edge to that extent. It's odd. They can build ships and citadels... but they can't figure out how a pistol works. Respect for Djun... lost! I like the explanation about the Palace's aura and how spirits interact. That explains much. Nice to see that Timmain has retained her usual fashion sense. I am really looking forward to the rescue! This should be cool!