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lunakat said: I've got to say though, I did like the element of mortality in the story. It gave a weight to things. There was a poignancy in knowing that, while some characters might live a significant time, others were going to live shorter lives- either through accident or inevitable old age. The ability to remove wolf blood eliminates that and makes it a choice.. and there is something a little lost there- I dunno, some feeling about it that I don't quite know how to explain. I guess, before it was bittersweet- and now it's just.. a magical solution you either choose or not?
I'm guessing that'll likely be explored as more elves have to face this decision. It's so easy for a mortal elf to talk about mortality making life sweeter, but when faced with impending death and leaving loved ones to join some collective hivemind of spirits (or wander the universe alone), it's not so easy...and, on the flip side, easy for immortals to be happy with never having to face that until their mate does.