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*flips* I want a TARDIS now. I find it hilariously in character for Ardan Djarum to pretend he's a future man and use a one of a kind weapon to validate his theory, that's bloody brilliant. Shall we find out in the next pages how he met his end? I'm wondering... was he killed by Surge and the WaveDancers, by his own men, or by Angrif himself? If the gun ended up in his hands, it could either be that he survived the meeting with the WaveDancers and got slayed by his half-brother... or he ran into Lehrigen or some other bounty hunter sent to off him for good. One thing I wonder, though... Angrif claims that Ardan stole the gun from his father, so he must have lived in the Citadel at least for a period (it's not clear whether he was born there to begin with). Then he relocated in Farcast, and it's debatable whether it was there that he met his first wife, Ellia - but he was comfortably settled there when his son died, and the townfolk were all over the "legend" he had built around himself, of his being the Djun's descendant from a much distant future. So I wonder how it was that the Djun never sent any of his men to investigate? Perhaps Ardan was clever enough to wait until he had his own army of men at arms to start spreading rumors about his ancestry... either that or the Djun just got "Psht whatever, let that demented fool say what he will" and disinterested himself with the matter. *Then*, after Angrif stepped in, it ceased being a matter of little importance and he set out to weed off his father's progeny, be it from the present or the future. I. Can't. Wait.