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Great new start, Moonmoos! Ember going Mucha looks fantastic. I'm glad you've posted the uncolored version. I enjoy to concentrate on the lines and the different and the different style for a first view. Looking forward th see her in full color. And a joyful remeeting with familiar "old friends" ... I still like this old "character plate style" Moonmoss so much. It was the first impression I got of her and your art, Moonmoss. She's so at peace in this picture. The silvery moons create a mystic mood ... their light turns the water in an enchanted well. Allow me to quote myself ;) Steampunk Ekuar looks simply awesome, Moonmoss! I like the miscievous trait in his fatherly, wise expression. This outfit is something I can absolutely imagine him wearing. Simply love the artificial arm you created for him - a natural solution in a Steampunk universe, I guess. Yet unexpected for me ... havn't thought of this option! All the gear-wheel and pressure pipe details in gold/brass and silver are perfect. WOW ... again! on Ekuar - this time in his familiar duds. He looks softer than Steampunk style. The almost lively brown shading and the blueish accents give a well rounded impression. I absolutely love how you showed his face ... clearly aged, showing that he had to go through hardship ... wise wise eyes - and there's still this hint of youthful playfulness and joy of life. Moonmoss' "dreamy" expression is prizeless. Her purple cheeks prove that she had gathered clearly more dreamberries as the big basket can hold. I can see her filling her mouth with one handful after the other. I like the fact that she must support herself on her palms - perfectly chosen pose. The berries are actually glowing ... an almost hypnotic sight. The dreamberry bushes look appropriate blurry and floating - sort of mirrors Moonmoss' mind and sight. Very well thought out and wonderfully done. In case you wonder ... your old den is here: http://elfquest.com/forums/discussion/7576/the-den-of-moonmoss/p1 and there is your dollz thread ... at least the bios of your gilrls might be helpful http://elfquest.com/forums/discussion/7065/moonmoss-s-characters