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I would love to see a set of Elfquest Lego games. *grins* The Lego games have done a pretty good job at creating fun, highly replayable games without dialogue...they only just started getting into voices. They've adapted Harry Potter, Batman, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Marvel comics, Justice League, every Star Wars movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones...I've played most of them, and they're all awesome. AND most of these games have a huge cast of characters to unlock, each one fitting into a handful of basic types. Elfquest would be great for that. And they have some pretty obscure unlockables...imagine being able to play a little Lego version of the Baker in the Sun Village. :D A game made with RPG Maker would also be great...very old-school Final Fantasy. Battles could be made more interesting by modeling them after something more tactical, like Fire Emblem. That's just single-player, though. An MMO would also be fantastic...but I would want it to be more realistic, high-quality graphics than a Lego game or RPG Maker. In terms of the point? Adapt previous stories. Either the main stories, or the BotC novelizations, Hidden Years, etc. An MMO would be harder, I think, but it could still be done with previous stories. Maybe a custom character creator, and you're inserted into the appropriate tribe...play and fight alongside canon characters in different battles...against Madcoil, against the trolls, for (or in defense of) the little Palace, against the Djun...or just in hunts or training or mini games of taal or something.