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If you were going to make a game out of Elfquest... I think you would need to generalize the story. For example- as a player, you could make your character... but not be one of the main characters. But you would start with a basic elf body- and choose your characteristics (hair, eye color, clothing, weapons, etc). Then, you would choose a tribe- one of the four: Sun Village, Wolfriders, Go Backs, or Gliders. This way- the game could be multi player or single player. Each tribe would have it's own, individual agenda (and mini quest) to teach the game-play- until everyone unites in a larger quest. For a single player game: The Wolfriders- would have to fight the humans, escape the burning forest and cross a desert and find the SunFolk. The Sunfolk- would have to fight off the Wolfriders, maybe endure a Zwoot stampede, and you (their champion) would challenge Cutter to a trial of head, hand and heart (not for Leetah- just as a ritual welcome). The GoBacks, clearly, would have to hear the call of the palace, fight for the palace and establish their lodge. The Gliders... maybe you are one of the chosen eight. You would have to learn to fly the wild birds. Go through a series of tests to be inaugurated into the "Chosen." You could also explore the mountain- read the egg- etc. Then, the quest would start (multi-player or single). If you are a Wolfrider- it starts when the humans arrive. (Skywise gives you the lodestone and you leave with Cutter). If you are a SunFolk- it starts when the Wolfriders leave and Savah's spirit is stolen. (You leave to follow Cutter). If you are a Glider- it starts with the arrival of the Wolfriders. If you are a Go Back, it starts with the arrival of the Wolfriders. And from there- you make it up. The entire goal is, collectively, to find and reclaim the Palace. That's it. You wander anywhere you want through the territories- desert, forest, forbidden grove, Olbar's village, Nonna's cave, Frozen north- whatever. Or maybe the territories represent different levels? Either way- you are trying to get the castle back for all elves. You have to locate it and fight the trolls for it. If you win, end of game 1. Game 2 goal? To awaken the Palace and master it.