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Sorry- that was just off the top of my head. I was just thinking, though... one of the things that makes a video game fun is that you, as the player, get to be the main character... you get to discover this world that you venture into. You unlock puzzles. You fight bad guys. You discover new lands, new characters, etc... The thing about Elfquest is that you already have this great adventure, fully fleshed out, in the comics. You have all these wonderful characters. You have the story already complete. And the people who, initially, would want to play this game would be your existing fans- they would have read all that. To simply replay the same story you already know would be redundant- but more, it would kill the challenge of the game. I think you would have to keep the basic premise- get the Palace back- but let go of the story. You would want to keep all the characters- because part of the fun would be interacting with those characters as a player- but delegate them to back-seat. Game players these days like to create their own avatars- much like the elf avatars on this site. That player avatar would have to be the main character and be able to make all the discoveries, within the Elfquest world and story, as if everything was new. And if you want people to play multiple times, then the story of the game would have to be able to morph and be slightly different each time.