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I disagree, in part. I don't think the story needs to morph and be slightly different each time. I could see that for an MMO, with expansion packs and updates, but for a regular, single-player console game? The story can certainly stay the same. If you want variety, starting from different tribes would be a good method. Thinking about Dragon Age here...you get a different start depending on which race your character belongs to. Maybe you'd have different things to do in the first half, or first third, based on what tribe you started with. Start with a Glider, maybe you get a little backstory on the founding of Blue Mountain. Start with a Sun Villager, maybe you travel with young Savah and her family across the desert. That sort of thing. The only problem is that the game would have to converge somehow...each alternate tribe story would need to end at the same spot, then the game continues. Each tribe could also unlock particular quests...optional quests, of course, but like..."this quest can only be completed by a Wolfrider." Or collectible things that can only be reached by a certain tribe. Only Wavedancers can swim deep enough to get that chest, only Go-Backs can brave the cold long enough to get to that hidden object. So you'd never be able to get 100% completion without playing a character from all the tribes. After that, the story would be the same, but it sounds super replayable to me. I definitely agree about character creation. We certainly do love to create our own elves. *chuckles* I would still love to see an Elfquest Lego game, where you get to play as canon characters...but all those have a little Lego character creator so you can play as your own character too. :D