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Eventually, perhaps. It seems like everyone in the immediate family knows each other's soul names for awhile, like when Leetah exclaims, "Oh Tam!" when she and the twins find Cutter in the Forbidden Grove. If the soul name quest dying out was due to evolution making Wolfriders more comfortable with balancing starsong and wolfsong, and not just relegating said soul name quest to offscreen, it seems odd that a cub would grow up, forget their own soul's name, then go on a quest for it. I don't think Wolfriders are always born knowing their soul names, which was my point in the previous post...not necessarily that they don't HAVE them. With Stormlight, it seems like maybe she was born with it, but it was buried deep in her and she had to go find it. She Recognized Tanner without knowing it fully. But with current Wolfriders, it seems more like a...almost a tradition, that the parents search for their child's soul name after birth. Like the soul name has evolved to be closer to the surface instead of buried deep within. Now, I'm not saying it's impossible that the soul name quest was moved offscreen. But it didn't just get less attention...you don't see it at all with modern-day Wolfriders. With such an important part of a Wolfrider's identity, I would think it would have at LEAST been referenced after Goodtree, if the soul name quest is still something that's done.