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Random thoughts: LOVE how Windkin is drawn and colored. I know this has been mentioned before, but Windkin's current "look" - especially his wild hair - is some of my favorite character design in a long time. Very happy, too, to see Pool's reckless-youth behavior in leaping out to attack the Djunsmen. Bye-bye, Rat-hole! Djarum's ravings remind me that I never did finish the Wavedancers storyline. I've been trying, lately, and I guess I should go back and refresh (does it matter? will it have any bearing other than to give a little context to the ravings of the now-departed creep? I vaguely remember him punching his wife and her collapsing, dying... is that right?) Anyway, the shock and gore in that scene was very well done, the look on Ember's face on the lowermost righthand panel in that page is absolutely stunning. I couldn't stop staring at it. Wendy's a master of portraying emotion, and she somehow managed to get terror, guilt and revulsion mixed all together in Ember's expression. The skill is extraordinary. I know it's been said a million times before, but dammit, I'm saying it again - no one puts across emotion like Wendy. No one. And what is it, then, that she does? Severs the contact with Teir - "cuts him off" so that he can't access her emotions anymore? That's how I read it but it's a little hard to parse. Whatever it is she did, it knocked him off a cliff - literal cliffhanger, nice. (And, GRR!) :O) The best was saved for last - that panel, oh glory, the beloved dead - our Krim and Skot reunited, dear Vaya next to her mother - and yes, yes, now I finally believe that Kahvi's gone. I KINDA believed before, but there she is with the ghosties. There she is with her beautiful bird. I couldn't help but think of Ryan Browne (does he have a forum name for me to tag?) of the Elfquest Show podcast, here - he was right, the ghost Tyldak is the "original recipe" Tyldak. No wings, and I love that he's wearing an old-school glider outfit, tight-fitting with intricate scrollwork patterning. But I thought, "Poor Ryan, who so loves Tyldak's birdman form, it really is gone forever." A howl for birdman Tyldak. Awoooooooooooooo! And now, having gulped that all in one sitting at two in the morning last night, another two months of agony...