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Tavie said: Djarum's ravings remind me that I never did finish the Wavedancers storyline. I've been trying, lately, and I guess I should go back and refresh (does it matter? will it have any bearing other than to give a little context to the ravings of the now-departed creep? I vaguely remember him punching his wife and her collapsing, dying... is that right?)
You might give my beloved WD a try while waiting for the next issue ;) As for Ardan Djarum's wife, yep, you most definitely remember right. Ellia was said to be a weaver's daughter, for whom Ardan Djarum fell pretty bad, regardless of her not so stellar lineage. He was annoyed by her inclination to believe that there could be "good" spirits, and when she slighted the name of his so-called "ancestor", he lost it and struck her hard enough to break her neck (that or she hit her head falling backward on the cobbled street - it's not very clear). Afterwards, he married a second time (to a "loveless wife") with whom he had a son, Kahram (who was later killed by Surge, and was presumably the captain of the whalers in "Turning Tide"). So when he set out to wipe the WaveDancers from the sea it was both to avenge his "lost love", Ellia, and his (only?) son. Yet I find it significant that after years of torture and insanity he only talks of Ellia, but does not mention Rakham - it draws a parallel with Angrif who was perfectly willing to sacrifice his sons in the name of his "demon hunt". Ardan Djarum might have inherited the typical Djun 's mentality that offsprings are only useful so long as they serve their purpose, but he seemed to genuinely care for Ellia if her memory haunted him for so long. On this matter... Way to go, Wendy and Richard. First you made me reconsider my initial hatred of Skimback by making him an altogether likeable character in "Discovery". Now you even managed to make me pity Ardan Djarum, who was single handedly the last character I ever thought I could feel bad for. Yeah, he's had his coming for what he did to Darshek and the WaveDancers, and yes there's some karma at work there, but it was still pitiful that he should finish his life like that. I cringed at the gunshot... the terrified look in his eyes. I don't think he even realized that death would put an end to his suffering, so much was he used to receive only pain from his half-brother. Oh, and Angrif, dear? Don't grow any half-baked ideas to follow Ardan's example and go after the WaveDancers. Not that I think you would last a minute (Sunstream alone could set a bellyripper on the run... and frankly in a meeting with a bellyripper I'd not bet on you, with or without gun), also you'd have to deal with two entire Wolfriders tribe first (and if your sire was any example... the stakes are all against you) - but that's besides the point. Because you see, Sunstream & Brill 'shippers are real. As I am. Keep the lesson of Sushi Surge vibrantly clear in mind before doing, uhm, pretty much anything that has to do with *my* precioussss water dwellers. 'Kay? >:) Fine, glad we cleared that up. As for other, non-WaveDancers related things; I liked seeing Tyldak's restored form! There's definitely much of him in Windkin, you can tell from a mile away that they're father and son. Kahvi looks just as determined and eager for a fight as she was in life (oh, Angrif? The chances of your getting anywhere near the WaveDancers keep thinning out) and woot for Vaya getting the spotlight! :D (Now I wonder what are the chances that we might see some WaveDancers from the spirit plane... Coral? Skimback and Sandsparkle's baby? Haze and Farbright? *waves my bring deceased WaveDancers into this flag* Hey, a girl can dream!) Rathol's death... he was quite literally asking for it, and in the end, he got it. From that one panel in #2 where he gives a doubtful look at his sire I had hoped he might eventually turn into a new Gifa, but years of brainwashing and a deeply rooted fear of what expected him back home didn't leave this one much alternative. 'Grats, Angrif - unless you sired some "illegitimate offspring" yourself, you might have just ended your line for good. (Because we know what are the chances that Mender actually gives in and restores him, even if Angrif is too dumb to realize that Ember wasn't kidding when she warned him against taking that route...) Speaking of Ember, I love how she's holding up to Angrif. Sure, she's terrified of the destruction he could wreak and of his utter disregard toward anyone's life that isn't his own, but like hell she's going to bend before *he* loses it! I truly feel like the confrontation between them is one of wits... and with Angrif's violent temperament he might be going to snap soonish (remember the next cover with beaten-up Ember?), thus drawing the Palace (and its inhabitants) to the rescue. Looking forward to see where this will go...