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Yngvar said: In the last issue, he already learned something about her pains from denied Recognition. Now he's learned about the Wavedancers. And when he gets word that his son is indeed dead, he will have learned about the elves' telepathic abilities. Was giving up *that* secret worth watching his little temper tantrum?
I could be wrong here, but I think she means it the other way around. Angrif doesn't seem to realize that by letting her so much "in" his plans, he's also going to expose his plans, his weapons and even the sick way his mind works to the elves at large - through her connection with Teir, Sunstream and the Palace. Sure, he seems confident that the elves will know just how to replicate his gun - but the elves, unlike him, know where Two-Edge dwells (with Venka and the Go-Backs) and if anyone could get him to work on counter attack measures, it's probably Venka herself. All Ember needs is a trifle contact with her brother to tell the other tribes just what kind of ammunition he owns, and what his most likely targets will be (Ember's Wolfriders and the WaveDancers).