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Mkal said: We also need to remember that Windkin's heart was/is with Ahdri. He may have surrendered to the shared longing that Kahvi had for Tyldak that he had for Ahdri...
The only way I really see that happening is if it was after Tyldak's death (or if Kahvi and Windkin Recognized). If they stayed together to try to comfort each other, one thing led to another, and then baby. But I don't think Windkin would have knowingly abandoned a cub, especially after growing up not knowing his own biological father...so maybe it just got weird between them and he left to try to find Ahdri and Kahvi went to go find herself a suitable killer or something. And weird not necessarily because of sex, because elves clearly don't have the same hang ups about sex that we do...but because it was still too soon, after Tyldak's death? Anyway. That's the only way I can think of, off the top of my head, that would make sense to me.