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Yngvar said: And I don't think he expects the *elves* to replicate his gun. He's got men to do that.
Gah, I went back to re-read my post and couldn't believe I hadn't noticed the typo x_x I meant that he counts on his tinkerers to replicate the gun, not the elves (that's what happens when you post in a rush 'cause you're about to leave, lol); but the elves could obtain equally destructive weapons from Two-Edge to counter the Djun and his soldiers. Which won't necessarily be a good thing... I'm thinking about Treestump's dream here, specifically. And Redlance's - with the use of advanced technology eradicating the Father Tree. *shudders* Regarding Windkin and Teir... when one thinks about it, in the "WaveDancers" segments with Windkin and Wavelet, he's often uneasy when it comes to telling her the truth about her parents deaths. Wavecatcher even gets annoyed when Windkin *can't* bring himself to breach the subject (while Wavelet assumes he's just shy of joining with her). We all thought his empathy to her could originate from how he was raised by Scouter who wasn't his blood sire and when he did meet Tyldak (HY) it wasn't in friendly circumstances... but to the light of FQ, we know that Tyldak and Windkin met again and had time to reconcile and get to know each other. So it couldn't be possible that Wavelet reminds him of the child he sired with Kahvi and left for her to raise? (Which needn't have been done willingly from his part, though - maybe she just pushed him off? Remember, Kahvi wanted to pull such a stunt on Rayek too, and Windkin though not half near so "controlling" was possibly too moody. Either that or like someone pointed out, she wanted her child to be raised by Tyldak and no one else.) Although I don't think the double meaning choice of words, "one with our blood" is a coincidence. Hey - we know Teir has a brother who left with his mother, righty? In HY we see a flashback with several elves leaving and there's a kid who turns to look at him, so we went ahead to assume that was his brother, but if the brother really was Windkin who had taken up in the air (and planned to part ways from Kahvi afterwards, as hinted in the Prologue? The fact that he didn't yet mention their joining other tribes might have been concealed for later usage... even his meeting with Wavecatcher and Wavelet is only barely hinted at. Didn't Wendy say something on the lines of "all you see isn't everything there is"? Maybe the "father" who died of heartache had fallen for Kahvi but realized she'd never care for him the way she cared for Tyldak (that or, like @lunakat said, she already knew that she was going to get herself killed and flatly told him so. "Watch after my son after I'll be gone", and we know she's not one to change her mind easily, so Teir's step-dad could only watch with a heavy heart as the woman he loved embarked in a suicidal mission of her own free will, regardless of his feelings... or little Teir's own.)