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Gah! I never knew how spoiled I was. I read all of the main story from the Original Quest on in graphic novel form, and now this 20 pages at at time is torture! I was very caught up in the story on the first read yesterday, but when I realized I only had a couple of pages left, anguish is probably too strong a word, but I can't think of a better one. I thought I had read everything online, but apparently, I need to do a heap of re-reading because while I'm following the main plot just fine, all this back story y'all are discussing, I just don't remember. That and I abandoned New Blood before or during the Forevergreen storyline completely after the self-mutilating, elf-worshiping (was that Door?) humans showed up. It just got too weird and now I can't even find the New Blood issues that I did have, so I'll have to read that online as well. Back to the story, when Ember thought, "mother...what you once did, I too must do..." I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what she meant. What did Leetah do that Ember wants to repeat in this situation?? Then to find out she means denying Recognition and Teir with his abandonment issues already?? Eek! And now I have to wait 2 months to find out what happened? *weeps with despair* That final page is so beautiful! I can't really add more to what has already been said about it. It's just gorgeous!