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Even if Kahvi just had a kid with Tyldak- Windkin and the kid would still "share blood." It might not be Windkin's child.

jorenm93 said: MAYBE Windkin has a child with Venka :D! Than Kahvi has a Go-Back ànd a Wolfrider-chief as grandchild, she always wanted that
That's a neat thought! It would be rather tragic if Venka had travelled all those years looking for Kahvi, but never found her. (And then she was dead!) I like the idea of them all meeting up at some point.
Woolbender said: Then to find out she means denying Recognition and Teir with his abandonment issues already??
Yeah- I was pretty sure from the start that she was going to deny recognition. The whole talk about Ember not wanting kids vs Tier craving them sort of set that up. BTW, speaking of Tier... abandonment issues really seem to be a big thing with elves. Skywise and Tier both remember their moms- despite being infants. And they both went a little bit crazy when triggered. Skywise held a grudge against Cutter (for freaking ever!) until he literally just threw himself off a cliff over that mid-battle "abandonment." Now Tier is losing his marbles after sniffing Kahvi's braid and having Ember, quite understandably, pull back. I guess parent-child bonding is incredibly important to an elf psyche.