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Wow. Wow! Just wow! That was... amazing (and evil that we have to wait another two months). Have to admit I giggled a little when Pool offed Rathol, here we were some who were thinking that maybe Rathol would jump sides, or something. As for Ember denying Recognition, I'm not sure it's from a I don't want children mindset, as from a I don't really have the opportunity to answer the call of Recognition now. Teir's parents: Could he possibly be the son of Kahvi and Tyldak? As in; could Kahvi have been pregnant when Tyldak died? Maybe she didn't know at first, parted ways with Windkin, and when it became obvious she fell in with "Teir's people" (they might even have at least vaguely recognised her as their legendary chief), she developed some sort of 'bond' with Teir's "father" - she might even have threed with him and Teir's "mother" (as in the one we saw in they HY flashback) - eventually, when Teir was born, she realised that she couldn't stay; leaving him to be raised by their pair he eventually came to think of as his "parents". This could also mean that Kahvi didn't leave Teir because she did not want him, but because she knew he'd be better off where he was. The people in the final panel: I recognise Kahvi, Skot, Krim, and Vaya. I assume the Go-Back behind the Glider is Yif, and the Sunfolk behind Vaya could be Shushen (or Lutei, though he doesn't quite look like Lutei from the Special). Who's the Glider? Pre-change Tyldak? And who's the last Go-Back?