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Am I the only one who thought the Glider spirit in the end panel with Kahvi was Aurek/Egg? If it was Tyldak, where are his bushy eyebrows? Even in his spirit/recognized form with Dewshine he sorta had that going on, didn't he? Plus his chin doesn't seem pointy enough. I gotta look again. This forum has so much discussion that it does keep the brain moving even after the too brief format of these comics flies by. I am also a spoiled fan from the Donning/Starblaze book days and just need more of a chunk at a time to put it together I guess. But new and frequent makes up for that I think. Maybe. I like to watch TV shows in chunks on DVD too...so...*shrug* As for "shared blood" with Windkin...hmm...so many possible options. Does being in the same tribe (Glider) count? Did Tyldak have more offspring? Are Teir and Windkin siblings? Did Windkin himself sire? Just have to wait. Ugh. The mark on the rocks...Two-Edge is an obvious thought, as is our differently-abled bald rock shaper, but then it could be hiding Trolls or even just humans. More waiting. More ugh. Teir in the water...he falls off a cliff. *cue the drama music and fade to black* GAAAAAH! I'm kinda of the mind that Two-Edge being the cause of all human tech on this world is slightly annoying also. Yeah, he's a mechanical mad genius, but why does he give all his toys to Momma's pets? Doesn't he even like Trolls at all anymore? He's got the hots for Venka, how come she's not flying around the planet in a bi-plane by now? Torture on someone like Two-Edge, who learned cruelty and was mentally broken as a kid... really... are we gonna buy that? And Trolls degenerating so much...is that universal now? I wonder what's gonna happen with all the planetary imports if the palace packs up and flies off? On another odd wavelength...(but FutureQuest says NO)...why would Elves et al leave Abode to the humans if they could simply use the giant energy ball of the Palace to relocate them instead? I know they aren't the types for genocide...but new habitat for humanity on a global scale could be such a cool option. Savah says humans and elves ride different parts of the same wheel. The crunch has always come when hi-tech meets low on Earth in reality. History and wars and evolution all show that the strong go on while the others not-so-much. I wonder how Elves are going to reconcile the disparities when it isn't all tech but soul power and the wisdom beyond death? As for being immortal or not...isn't that the very crux of the real difference between humans and elves in the first place? Moonshade's dilema is quite the hot button topic as conflicts get worse. Her soulmate's stubborn embracing of the Way is going to really put it to the test. I think it is Cutter and Skywise who have always embodied this rift in the past. (And maybe that was biographical in bits I dunno.) The stay together or not theme...how can two separate yet connected deeply beings each want opposite goals and fully support one another as they "share the same wine from different cups"? Being alive, desiring connection, yet also having other passions... ah that's a riddle to solve. I'm the kind of fan who just soaks it all in and hopes it will continue to give me that same double-plus-good vibe. I'm a bit worried after Elfmom's sojurn to the darker side in Masque and all the focus on torture and death of late...but I am still seeing lights like stars here. Issue 5 is when already? *sigh* --Nightsea PS: Oh and Sonny's coloring...bREE dEE Deeet Deeee! as the Preserver-speak version of "squee" goes. Also...kudos to Elfmom on all the detail in the throne, the dress of the human with the bowl, that bird on the helm/crown and all the other myriad ways that I see she is still an uber artist! There's none of that feeling of replicated image tubes in the art here, so even if you're using it you are doing it so well it doesn't seem prepackaged. I liked Masque, don't get me wrong, but I adore Elfquest and love to see your mastery applied here with grace.