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He was supposed to have been found by Yun during the 'Mender's Tale' storyline, which took place approximately 12 years after 'Shards'. (+/- a few years, not sure how long after 'Wild Hunt' 'Mender's Tale' was supposed to take place.) And adopted by hair shortly afterwhile - after initially being "sent off" with some of the Longriders, if my memory is correct. This is actually one of the reasons his presence in the pre-birth scene back in the Special still bothers me; he didn't serve any purpose in that scene, and if he hadn't been included then - as far as I'm concerned - there'd be no "timeline issues"; everything that happened in 'Wild Hunt' and 'Mender's Tale' (including Yun's adoption of Khorbasi) would simply have happened in that twenty odd turns of the seasons timegap. Though of course that still doesn't cover for the about 30 year timegap that was supposed to be between 'Mender's tale' and 'Recogniton'. I'll just stop timeline ranting. :bz I think the simpler explanation to why Khorbasi (and the children) have heard about the 'Mountain Retreat', and the Djensmen haven't, is that they're Longriders and the Djunsmen obviously aren't. I defintely don't think it was Ekuar who made those marks though; remember that the only period of time that he's been "unaccounted for" since his introduction is from the moment he left with Rayek after the end of 'Shards', which I think is less than 50 years ago. Not exactly very old. O:-)