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Long time EQ reader and occasional lurker here...these new issues are so incredible that I had to finally chime in. :) Enjoyed reading everyone's comments on FQ# 4...but I have a strange theory that I wanted to share. I guess it is more of wishful thinking as I'm 99.99% sure that my theory is false, but that isn't a good enough reason not to be just a little hopeful! What if...Khavi is actually still living? She does look pretty spirit-like in that last panel...but something about Windkin's sending asking if she was still living got me wondering...was he just not informed of Lehrighen's confirmation of his role in her death...or something else entirely? Part of this hair-brained idea of mine is the way in which Khavi is portrayed in that panel...she is noticeably more bright and detailed than the other spirits...which to be fair would be expected based on her personality in life. But maybe...just maybe...she is somehow projecting her spirit or communicating on a deeper level with her deceased tribe and just helping to rally them to help Ember and Tier? Again this is just a wild and silly wishful theory...based on what we've heard...Lehrighen most likely ended her life...and I do recall Wendy mentioning that Khavi had "made peace with her passing physically" in a post several years ago (perhaps a Wendy's Words...I can't quite recall where I read this article/quote now) and it also doesn't seem that someone who scoffed at magic/sending as Khavi did would be sending her spirit out Savah style. A more honest explanation would be that she is still very much a chief in death and there to rally the deceased elves...but that begs another question if so...where the heck is Venka and what is her role to be in all of this? If Khavi is truly deceased then she would have to know about it I'm thinking? Again, please take this wacky idea with a grain of salt...but I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the matter. :)