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My thoughts are that she's dead and y'all just gotta accept it. >:> She is unequivocally a spirit. Done. Zero question in my mind. If she at all showed a proclivity or ability to astral project, I could have gotten on board with this idea, but she never has, so I think it's about as probable as me winning the lottery. Look at it another way. Yeah, it sucks for all of us that Kahvi is dead. She was a bad ass warrior queen and we wanna see her kick butt for ever. But the love of her life died. She spent an insane amount of time wandering after she and Windkin parted ways...long enough for Windkin to forget the sound of other elves. She trained her own killer. She was MISERABLE. Now, she's a spirit. She's in the Palace, able to explore worlds we can't imagine (as long as they're in the Palace's aura). She's surrounded by her tribe, her children, and her mate. She's stoked to be a spirit! Let her be a spirit and be happy for her, cuz she finally is. >:>