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Ooh, haha! These are still here! :D And these are so old...! I didn't realize I actually had an art thread and that the pictures are here. They must be hosted on Elfquest.com because otherwise I don't know how they're still up. Thank you for the comments everyone, I'm glad you like my old stuff! It's been long since I drew anything like this. I do think Embala has commented on these before, they used to be in my profile gallery at the old website. I haven't been around this forum in a long time, nor have I drawn, so that's why I haven't posted anything. How funny it feels to see these character designs. They were mostly made just before the RP Holt died. I don't think I ever actually RP'd Vella even though I seem to have named her as "my character". :P I think if I'd have RP'd with her, I'd remember her better... she was a feisty one, "small but peppery" like we say in Finnish. Here are two newer pictures that I made to practise with watercolours on my summer vacation. :)