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I've never played in anything but round-robin storytelling...Oakleaf is actually my first forum holt, though the mechanics are the same. Before that (there was maybe...a two, three year gap between Oakleaf and the previous holt I played in, though it lasted such a short time that I can't remember the name), it was all Yahoo Groups. Now that I've played in a forum, I don't think I would ever go back to Yahoo Groups...or really any other forum system that isn't ProBoards. The ability to switch between accounts and have avatars that match your character has me spoiled. In terms of what the game looks like, I definitely prefer to play within the confines of traditional Elfquest. I DO dabble in more worldpool stuff...my Wavedancers at Oakleaf, for example, were originally conceived as cat-riders. And I play a panther-rider at Beacon Call. My second holt ever (not MINE, but one I played in) was an Elfquest/Pern mashup, which was awesome. It's been nice to be able to resurrect characters at Beacon Call...part of the reason I prefer traditional EQ lore is because the foundation is already there to be expanded upon. And while characters at BC come from different...dimensions, if you will, my character, despite being a panther-rider, comes from a more traditional setting. I didn't have to do a bunch of world-building. And that's why I can play at Beacon Call, because I'm in charge of her story. At the same time, Beacon Call is lower on my priority list. Where I consider Oakleaf like a craft, I consider Beacon Call a casual hobby. Not that I don't love both...it's just easier for me to be more flexible if I don't take it as seriously. I like to be in charge. I'm a bit of a control freak. *laughs* Most of my characters have a story...not many of them are just along for the ride. So I have strong opinions about how things should work. If we're playing in an Elfquest-based world, that isn't a problem, but if it's worldpool, I have trouble keeping my mouth shut. Which is another reason BC works for me...I can tell Pana's story and build her world without interfering with anyone else. This is why holts like RiverTwine wouldn't work for me. I LOVE perusing their site. And I love the idea of how they work. But I would feel really odd letting someone else write for my character...or writing for someone else's. That said, I really like to work with people and figure out how they can best tell their own stories. I think my need for control comes off as a bit bull-ish sometimes, but it's because running holts is one of the things I'm fully confident that I can do well. Which is why Oakleaf is pretty much perfect for me...and I hope I can make it that way for our other players too.