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River Twine is the first holt I joined; before that, I was a part of Pern fandom, playing in very similar groups. (And I was drawn into RTH by people I was in a Pern group with at the time.) So I definitely have a group "type". Structure-wise, I've never been an RP person. I prefer writing stories (and making art). Tam mentions being a control freak :) -- and I'm kind of the same, and for me, that extends to the method of storytelling. I'm really happy to build storylines WITH other people, planning them with others and connecting them into larger, overarching group narratives... but I do like that OOC planning, and having a sense of control over how the story is then told. I don't want to say that I don't like forum-style groups, though, simply because I really haven't experienced them. The way RTH works, where people write stories to advance the plots that have been discussed/planned/agreed on, is the same style as the Pern groups I used to belong to -- what I would call "zine style". (Which dates back to the way groups were organized when I first entered fandom, in '82, prior to the existence of the web or even really of email.) It's what I'm used to and thus what I like. I perceive other styles of play as a little more chaotic (i.e. harder to control), and a little more time-consuming (I can write a story at my own pace). (But I realize perhaps that perception is unfair.) Subject-wise, yeah, I'm really only interested in old-style canon subjects, and I'm especially interested in wolfriders. (Because my interest in wolves long predates my interest in ElfQuest.) And I'm really only interested in OCs, not in playing with canon elves. For one thing, I think I'd find playing with the canon elves to be too much pressure... but for another, well, Pern fandom was very strictly "make up your own characters to play in the world, never use canon characters" from the beginning, so it's just what I got used to. But I can definitely see that forum-RP groups seem like the most popular. And I can kind of understand why, even if I think they're probably not my thing.