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I´m from the pen-and-paper party. I had a weekly table running for over eight years with my buddies, playing fantasy adventures with a good focus on social roleplay. I really like that form of roleplay best, cause it means enjoying chummy evenings with my friends. However, I don´t think EQ quite suites for that kind of gameplay for me, since I really mostly wanna play socail stuff with elves and only little action in between, so in a pen-and-paper game, I think that would soon bore me. The forum format really works great there for me. I´ve doodled in chats, but the short and quick messaging really takes a lot of atmosphere out. Also I´m used to organic roleplay narration, writing actual stories isn´t quite my thing. I need and want fellow players to communicate with, they are the ones drawing out my role with their characters´ actions, so the classic zine style woudn´t do for me. I can rather imagine to try EQ larp as another rp format. Either way, when I play Elfquest, I wanna play Elfquest. I can have dragonriders, cat half breeds and other funky stuff like that elsewhere if I want them. Similar to @Tehaar, I don´t even feel completely comfortable with the Wavedancers, cuz they just seem too funky for the WotM in my eyes. I also like actual canon connection to an extend. I´m not really keen on canon characters appearing in the game, but I like to have something that still connects my game to the canon in more than just the setting. Either that, or the setting has to change as well. I don´t see point in coming up with just one funky new tribe but leave everything else the way canon tells it. So if doing Worldpool, then I expect something more creative than just that. In those terms, Oakleaf Holt suits me very well, both, in main game and AU. In contrary to @Eregyrn and @Tam, I like the chaos. I love to start out with a pile of colorful something, get swept up and let myself be surprised by what comes out of it to the point when everything converges and all the random pieces start to fit perfectly into one big image. It´s like a jam session, and it´s best when the groove comes. I think, if I try to keep control, I also keep towering the outcome, but if I just let things flow, it may even grow to something bigger than myself.