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Some more ramblings as of FQ#4... so my estimation that the events of WD took place 23 years before Discovery doesn't hold if Ardan Djarum is the Djun's son. Kahram, Ardan's son, was an adult when he died, so he had to be born at least 20 years before "Turning Tide". Assuming Ardan Djarum was 25 when he became a father, that'd make him about fifty in the WD stories (which fits). However, the Djun had to be roughly 20 when he sired *him*, so 20 + 50 + 13 (Palace Reappears) + 7 (Shards) is *far* too old. Could the WD stories take place roughly around the same time of the Palace Reappearance, then? That'd make ten years between its events and the ones narrated in Discovery. Admittedly, this clashes with Surge and Snakeskin's bios speaking of the rift between them happening "many years" after those events, but the rest should hold. Ardan Djarum's son could have been nineteen when he died, roughly the same age of Tumble and Moonmirror (which would be iconic if he was the one to slain Moonmirror's parents). Puffer was some ten years younger, and he'd be 20-21sh when Sunstream and Brill Recognize ten years later (so he's technically older than Sunstream, though not by much - but a mere 10 years old in "Turning Tide" and "WaveDancers"). Brill, Krill & co would be about 600ish (near the age Leetah was when she Recognized Cutter, lol it truly seems like "history repeats" in their family). If we assume that Wavecatcher's stories took place *after* the events of the "main" tribe and not in the mean time, it seems we're set.