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There's only five days left, and we're 94% of the way to the final goal of $33,000! That would get this game widely distributed, stocked in comic book stores, prints and reprints...wouldn't that be great? :D Another incentive was also introduced: a Print-and-Play option for $15, which can be printed from your computer in black and white, and it's the same price wherever you are, so if you're international, no worries about a shipping price hike. Also, if this game hits the final goal, everyone who's getting a copy of the game will get ANOTHER character to play with. The game will come with: Cutter, Skywise, Nightfall, Redlance, and three other characters dependent on votes from the poll @LaymanK linked earlier. Now, don't quote me on this, but as I understand it, if you get the game through this Kickstarter now, you get an exclusive character card, meaning it probably won't come out in expansions. If we hit the final goal...we get ANOTHER one. That's an extra two character cards we get before anyone else. How rad is that? We're just under $2,000 away from that goal. We've got five days. We can totally do this. If you have any friends who have been hemming and hawing over pledging, now's the time to push. If you can throw in another $5, do it. If you can share the kickstarter, share! We're so close!