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Great to get to know what other people like about roleplaying! I've tried a little bit of everything, so I'm not sure what sort of style is my favorite. When it comes to the canon elves I do love to write fanfiction, but I don't think I could roleplay with them; it's so easy to disagree on character interpretations since none of the players are the characters' original creators. But when it comes to OCs, I love all kinds of rping; forum, Yahoo!Groups, round-robins/zines, tabletop, bring it all! (Though with the changes made to the Yahoo!Groups, maybe not so much that anymore). When it comes to settings I think my favorite is the "small group that grows larger as new players join" elf tribes. Not that I in anyway hate playing in groups where there's a large established tribe to fill out, but I think there's a bit of an adventure to be hand with elves that for some reason or other have to form relationships with strangers and start relying on them; especially if there are large culture shocks involved. I love Worldpool stories and what-ifs. While Wolfriders are great, I can't help but love the challenge of different bloods. Many animals don't live in packs, so how does that change how the High Ones and their descendants choose to live and form a culture? And how would elf-blood affect bears, tigers or wolverines? (PS. Since the whole "wolf challenges for rank" and "alpha-beta-gamma-omega" structure of wolf packs was proven to be false long ago, my 'headcanon' for how the elf-blooded wolf packs work in Elfquest is that their elf-blood and the changes that comes with living with and adapting to elves have changed their 'culture' as well). Most important for me in a game though is that I like my character(s) and that said character(s) have interesting relationships with the other players' characters. Half the fun with an rpg is the OOC-planning and plotting. That's one of the reasons I love to play antagonists; rarely a dull moment :)