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Well, three things 1) I have always been fascinated by apes and monkeys 2) I read the original series a long time ago. I had assumed that the coneheads were meant to be far future humans and that the creatures they brought with them were the animals usually assumed to outlast humanity (rats & cockroaches). It seems that was a fallacious assumption my part. 3)I had a very odd Elfquest influenced dream recently. It was set in a desolate Ice Age landscape. I sort of knew it was Elfquest, but I don't know why. Anyway there was a figure that I thought at first was Picknose , but then I realized he looked quite different. He had the green skin, but his face was somewhat bear-like. He was dressed in a black cloak and hood and was wearing a fur kilt. He was carrying a large bundle of raw red meat. The figure climbs up a cliff carrying his bundle and puts it down in a large cave.Where several figures are waiting. These figures looked somewhat between the coneheads and the High Ones. They were hairless and had the cone shaped heads, but they had elf ears and faces. As soon as the bear-like troll is inside .He speaks, but his diction is oddly robotic. He says "DELIVERY OF HIGH PROTEIN FOOD SOURCES TO MAIN ENCAMPMENT, AS REQUESTED BY OVERSEER CASTE" then I woke up. Needless to say this was a very vivid and unusual dream and it made me decide to look into Elfquest again, then I found you guys.